Turf - Best Quality Cultivated Lawn Turf Turf


Our turf is a cultivated low maintenance and hard wearing turf grown on the East Coast. It contains a mix of dwarf ryegrass and also shade tolerant grasses.Our rolls normally measures 2.5m long x 0.4m wide and cover 1 square metre.

Laying turf

  • Prepare the soil by skimming off any old grass, removing large stones and weeds, and then roughly levelling by flattening humps and filling hollows. Fork over the site and rake level to leave a fine finish. Firm the soil by walking over, placing weight on your heels and rake again. Sprinkle a granular fertiliser over the soil and lightly rake into the soil and water well.
  • Lay your first row along a straight edge, slowly unrolling turf to avoid damaging. Butt each piece up closely to the last and ensure good contact with the soil by tamping down firmly with the back of the rake.
  • Lay the next row, making sure the pieces of turf are pushed right up to the first row. Stagger this and subsequent rows in a brickwork pattern until the area has been covered.
  • Lay turf so it runs beyond the area of your new lawn and trim edges with a straight edged board and a half-moon cutting tool. After cutting, scoop up handfuls of soil and put under the edges of the turf to prevent it drying out. If possible set up a sprinkler to water or soak thoroughly with several doses from a watering can.
Stocked for collection during the spring and summer but its best if you pre-order for larger quantities.Local delivery is available,we charge £10.00 for S40 and S41 postcodes and £15.00 for S18,21,42,43,and 44.Other areas by arrangement.Please telephone 01246 261631 to order or pre-book.
A turf laying service is also available.

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