Dutch Barn


Dutch Barn in pressure treated shiplap timber

Our dutch barn is with the same standard of timber and framework as our Super Apex but is higher at 6'4" to the eaves and 8' to the ridge.It also comes with a 4' wide double door or a 2'6" single door if you'd prefer.It also comes with a high level storage shelf across the back and fixed windows as standard.We can also manufacture it using 19mm finish loglap for extra strength and that would be 20% more.


ex 38 x 50mm framework

Tongue and groove floor and roof 12mm finish.

Tongue and groove shiplap walls 12mm finish.

Galvanised fittings throughout.

Eaves height 6'4" Ridge Height 8'

4' wide double door as standard (3' single door optional)

Loglap cladding available (+20%)

Delivery and installation is included YO1-25, BD, HG, LS, LN, HD, WF, S, DN1-40 (Nationwide service available by arrangement).

A flat level base must be constructed prior to delivery.If the base isn't prepared to a satisfactory standard then the building will be left for the customer to construct.(Bases that aren't level or flat will cause difficulty in construction and will result in doors or windows sticking or not opening)

Extras available :-

Stable door + £36.00                             Double Door 4' Wide + £70.00                                                  Extra 2'6" Door + £36.00

Change 2'6" Door to 3'  £36.00              Antique Hinges pair + £22.00                                                  Rim Lock + £25.00

Security Hasp +£28.00                           Scalloped Barge Boards to front + £24.00                              6" Wide shelf per ft + £9.00

Single Opening Window + £46.00           Triple Window Centre opener + £70.00                                 Extra Fixed Window 24" x 18" + £12.00

Extra Fixed Acrylic Window 24" x 18" + £13.00  Upgrade to Black Onduline + 20%                              Upgrade to Coloured Onduline + 25%

Upgrade to tile effect Onduline+30%                 Upgrade to Heavy Duty felt +£30.00                            Upgrade to Loglap 19mm finish +20%

Bearers up to 8' long £7.00                      Up to 10'Long £10.00                                                                Up to 12' Long £12.00

                         Dismantle and remove old shed e.g 8 x 6 £100

All the above prices include V.a.t. and Delivery and erection onto the customers own base.


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