Dog kennel 6' x 4' Pent roof with walk in 6' x 6' Covered run


Dog kennel 6' x 4' Pent roof with walk in 6' x 6' Covered run

Our range of Dog kennels is designed to provide durable all weather protection for your pets at and affordable price.


ex 38 x 50mm framework

Tongue and groove floor and roof 12mm finish.

Tongue and groove shiplap walls 12mm finish.

Galvanised fittings throughout.

2'6" stable door as standard - hung on the left.

Delivery and installation is included YO1-25, BD, HG, LS, LN, HD, WF, S, DN1-40 (Nationwide service available by arrangement).

A flat level base must be constructed prior to delivery.If the base isn't prepared to a satisfactory standard then the building will be left for the customer to construct.(Bases that aren't level or flat will cause difficulty in construction and will result in doors or windows sticking or not opening)

 Many other styles and also uncovered runs as well as aviaries and cathouses

A flat level base must be prepared by the customer before the delivery date .

If the base is not ready to accept delivery a £35.00 charge will be made if we

need to return to erect the building.

 All the above prices include VAT, Delivery and erection onto customers own Level Base (Locally)

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