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110mm Double Socket Coupler

110mm Double Socket Coupler

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Brett Martin's Underground Drain Double Socket Pipe Coupler is an easy-to-use pipe connection. Featuring a combined lip and compression seal, it is perfect for connecting your underground drain pipes and securing against dislodgment, effortlessly joining the system together.

As part of Brett Martin's drainage range, this system is manufactured in the UK to meet stringent quality standards. You can rest assured it will perform as intended for years to come, reducing the risk of leaks for a drier build and mess-free flow.

Features & Benefits: Underground Drain Pipe Double Socket PVC Pipe Coupler - 110mm

  • Combined lip and compression seal secure against dislodgement
  • Joining made easy by the combined components
  • Manufactured in the UK and meets stringent quality standards
  • 110mm diameter x 135mm length
  • Made from PVC
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