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Tier is a real stone panelling system specifically designed to create a distinctive, natural stone finish wherever it’s used.

The panels rise in interlocking “tiers”, fitting seamlessly together. This therefore eliminates the need for specialist labour and makes Tier a quick and easy system to use. Suitable for small projects, homes or large developments; Tier transports the timeless character of real stone to any location.

The panels are natural stone, therefore each and every modular panel is completely unique, each having its own colours, sizes and textures. The Tier panels also use a larger base panel than many other panelling systems which allows a greater variation in stone sizes. This is what gives Tier its authentic drystone appearance.

Tier’s versatility allows it to be used on both interior and exterior walls, and on commercial or residential projects; making the product versatile enough to suit builders, architects and home owners.

The smallest unit you can buy in this product is a box which contains 4 walling panels - 2 large (Part A),1 Medium (Part B), and 1 Small (Part C), and covers 0.33sq metres in area.In a crate there are 32 of these boxes and the total area the crate covers is 10.56 square metres

All of these parts interlock but only part B and C are suitable for making corners as they are guaranteed to have finished ends.Part A may have finished ends but some may be sawn.

For larger quantities there are price breaks available based on crate quantities so the price goes down based on the following splits.Please allow a minimum of 5% extra for wastage.

1-32 boxes 1-4 crates,5-14 crates,15-25 and 30 crates which is a full load.

Please note that anything less than a full crate attracts a surcharge for packaging and labour of £50 inc vat per crate.So for example if you ordered 10 boxes there would be a surcharge as its less than a full crate.Also if you ordered 3 full crates plus 10 boxes that would also attract a surcharge of £50.00 for the part crate.

Please add delivery on as part of the order as required for each part crate ordered.

All prices include v.a.t and a vat receipt can be provided.

Please phone and ask,we're open 7 days.01246 261631

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