Stewart 52cm Heat & Grow Variable Temperature Electric Propagator

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Stewart 52cm Heat and Grow Varaible Temperature Electric Propagator.

This electric propagator is like a mini- greenhouse making it easy and economical to raise flowers, plants ,salads,or vegetables from seeds and cuttings.

The thermostatic controller allows you to select and maintain exactly the temperature you want between 12 degrees Centigrade and 28 degrees Centigrade.The thermostat prevents any verheating and can be adjusted simply by moving the dial.The adjustable ventilators help control humidity and air temperature.

Includes starter kit with booklet "A guide to successful propagation"

Crystal clear cover for excellent light transmission.

Durable base tray with 50 watt heater which is insulated to retain heat within the propagator.

Electric plug included.For use with 230 volts AC mains supply.

Dimensions: 52 x 42 x 28cms.