Pizzaro Chimalin AFC pizza oven in natural clay finish - OUT OF STOCK UNTIL NOVEMBER


Part of the CHIMALIN AFC, a unique range of clay fire products that carries a 5-year guarantee, only available from Gardeco. So yes, for the first time ever, you can fire a clay chimenea in the same way as you would a cast iron one, and build a large fire with peace of mind. 

Size (specify): 66cm (W) x 57.5cm (D) x 37cm (H) Total height inc chimney: 65.5cm Colour: Natural clay

Accessories supplied with the product: Three bases,one funnel and one bag of pizza oven cement.

  • Traditional dome
  • Traditional function with the fire directly in the oven
  • For cooking one pizza at a time, or single oven suitable dishes
  • One firing cooks 2 to 3 pizzas
  • Full user instructions provided with the oven
  • The recommended fuel is wood
  • Guaranteed 5 years against cracking due to thermal shock
  • No curing required
  • The finish on this oven is natural clay with no painting or glazing.
  • The colour of the CHIMALIN AFC clay is naturally very pale.


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