Pizza Stone 30cm diameter


For best results and also in order to avoid thermal shock, it is advised to heat the pizza stone slowly, as soon as you light the oven/ fire. That way, the clay has time to expand slowly and cooking will be improved as it will be more rapid, better capturing flavours.

Fire clay being slightly porous, it is advisable to wash the pizza stone with water only and not with detergent.

Careful, the pizza stone will break if dropped, chip or crack if knocked. After use, it may develop stains due to its porosity, but you can still continue to use it. If the pizza stone is in direct contact with the flames of a real fire, it may stay brown underneath, even after washing. Careful, the pizza stone may become very hot, and stay hot for longer than conventional baking trays. Be careful not to touch it when it, you could burn your fingers.

  • The Pizza stone is made out of fire clay
  • The fire clay is slightly porous
  • Fire clay gets very hot therefore increases the speed of the cooking time
  • The Pizza stone is flat and round
  • Prevents the Pizza from being in direct contact with the oven
  • Clean the Pizza stone only with water - detergents easily stay in the porous fire clay
  • Colour: Pale clay

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