Kingfisher 150 Multi Coloured Christmas Fairy Lights


Get into the festive season with these affordable and attractive Christmas lights. Whether they're for decorating your entertaining area over the festive season or creating a bright and fun scene in your front garden, make Christmas a time everybody will remember for whole next year to come.

Kingfisher 150 Coloured Fairy Lights

These wonderful fairy lights have a warm and festive glow and can be used to decorate Christmas trees and as festive decorations around the home. Suitable for smaller trees. 

Get ready for Christmas with these festive lights.

Overall length 16.4m including 1.5m lead wire and includes spare bulbs. Indoor use. Mains powered and fitted with a BS plug. 220-240V50Hz.

Good value for Money and Multi action
Colour: Coloured
Weight: 0.75kg
Dimensions(cm): Width: 14.9 x Height: 10cm

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