Jungle Gym Villa


Beginning with a sandbox below, Jungle Villa rises to a square space with a curved tarpaulin roof. This deluxe outdoor play equipment comes exclusive of chandeliers and watercolours yet is perfectly placed amidst the formal gardens of celebrities and the aristocracy. The Jungle Villa's climbing wall, 1 Step Ladder, climbing rope and fixed ladder all provide access points leading to the slide. The Balcony Module could add a touch of decadence to this attractive outdoor play equipment, if you'd like to accessorise further. 

Size L
Roof type Tent tarp
Included features Climbing Rocks wall
1 Step Ladder
Climbing Rope
6 Handgrips
Bumper Pad™
Jungle Flag™
(Other) content Pre-cut treated timber
Instruction manual
Hardware & Bolt Caps
Sandpad & Leveller
Metal brackets
Safety Ball
Logo ID
Jungling Cards™
Slide length 300 cm
Size (incl. slide) 410 x 170 x 270 cm

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