Jungle Gym Tower & Swing Module


Daring to be different, Jungle Tower is so named for its prominence as a climbing frame. With no roof, this climbing frames for the small garden is immediately surrounded by the natural elements. Perfect to combine with a Swing Module or Climb Module, this climbing frame for the small garden includes a sandbox and slide for fabulous playtime fun. The smallest climbing frame in the Jungle Gym repertoire, Jungle Tower is compact for smaller gardens and can easily be expanded to match larger ones.
Size XS
Roof type -
Included features Ladder
4 Handgrips
Jungle Flag™
1 Swing Module
2 Swing seats
(Other) content Pre-cut treated timber
Instruction manual
Hardware & Bolt Caps
Sandpad & Leveller
Metal brackets
Safety Ball
Logo ID
Jungling Cards™
Slide length Small
Size (incl. slide) 290 x 90 x 210 cm

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