Jungle Gym Fort


The fantastic vantage points afforded by the Jungle Fort are perfect for using the unique StarOscope™ for heightened visibility. A sturdy climbing frame for the garden, Jungle Fort's design makes it easy to defend and its size allows plenty of space for natural play. The Jungle Flag™ and 1 Step Ladder are, of course, included as standard. Further lookout can be achieved if you decide to customise the climbing frame for the garden with the addition of a Balcony Module. 

Roof typeTent tarp
Included featuresClimbing Rocks wall
1 Step Ladder
6 Handgrips
Bumper Pad™
Jungle Flag™
(Other) contentPre-cut treated timber
Instruction manual
Hardware & Bolt Caps
Sandpad & Leveller
Metal brackets
Safety Ball
Logo ID
Jungling Cards™
Slide length300 cm
Size (incl. slide)430 x 200 x 300 cm

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