Jungle Gym Cottage


For those who appreciate life's simple pleasures, Jungle Cottage with wooden sandpit is a subtle source of outdoor fun. Bringing the wonders of the natural countryside to your back garden, this play tower features a diagonally sloping wooden roof on top and a generous wooden sandpit underneath. The slide also offers hours of dynamic activity. Perfect for a slightly smaller garden, but can also be expanded with, for example, the Swing Module X'tra.

Size M
Roof type Wood
Included features Ladder
4 Handgrips
2 Bumper Pads™
Jungle Flag™
(Other) content Pre-cut treated timber
Instruction manual
Hardware & Bolt Caps
Sandpad & Leveller
Metal brackets
Safety Ball
Logo ID
Jungling Cards™
Slide length 300 cm
Size (incl. slide) 390 x 160 x 280 cm

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