Jungle Gym Cabin & Swing Module


With dual entry ladders and a curved slide, Jungle Cabin occupies a unique position in the garden play equipment range. This garden play equipment has been adapted from designs of secluded log cabins found in the mountain forests of the northern hemisphere. Front and rear access is achieved via the ladders and is an excellent stimulant for imaginative play. The included StarOscope™ helps you keep a lookout for bears and wolves. If you're thinking of customising, this medium-sized garden play equipment is perfectly matched for symmetry with an added Climb Module X'tra.

Size M
Roof type Wood
Included features StarOscope™
2 Ladders
6 Handgrips
Jungle Flag™
Slide 300 cm
1 Swing Module
2 swing seats inc ropes and hardware
(Other) content Pre-cut treated timber
Instruction manual
Hardware & Bolt Caps
Sandpad & Leveller
Metal brackets
Safety Ball
Logo ID
Jungling Cards™
Slide length 300 cm
Sizes  (incl. slide) 370 x 140 x 300 cm

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