Jungle Gym Barn


The Jungle Gym Barn has multiple entry points and a curved slide. The orientation of this climbing frame for kids is up to you, according to your needs. Featuring a ladder and climbing wall, Jungle Barn also includes a Steering Wheel for extra dynamism. Designed in generous proportions, with standing room of over 160 cm and play areas on two levels, this climbing frame for kids feels spacious yet full of potential.

To view jungle gym playground planner please visit  click on this link http://www.junglegym.co.uk/?vendorID=73P33ST5QX25095

Size XL
Roof type Wood, Tent tarp
Included features Climbing Rocks Wall
Steering Wheel
4No Ground Anchors
6No Handgrips
3No Bumper Pads
Jungle Flag
(Other) content Pre-cut treated timber
Instruction manual
Hardware & Bolt Caps
Metal brackets
Slide length 300 cm
Size  (incl. slide) 420 x 200 x 320 cm

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