Hyland bolt on swing module inc kit/timber + 2 swings



Hyland commercial Structures:

  • A sound basis for customer choice; families stay longer and visit more frequently.
  • A sound investment with relatively low depreciation and maintenance costs.
  • Delivery Included FOC

Standard Content

  • 2 Swing Seats with Chain
  • 48 Bolt Protection Cap

Construction Content:

  • Solid Floor Brackets and bolt on bracket
  • 6 Swing Brackets
  • 4 Swing Fittings with rotatable fork
  • Hardware Package Hy-land Swing

Assembly Content:

  • Toolset Swing Set
  • Wood Drill ø11.0mm
  • Manuals 1-4
  • Logo ID Plate

Users: 2

User Age: 3-12

Playground Area: 8,00 x 4,50 m

 Hy-land Play Equipment is the effective way to create a high quality playground suitable for a commercial application that fits any budget. Hy-land playgrounds are carefully engineered to ensure optimum safety according to European Standard EN 1176 – for use on public playgrounds. Hy-land provides a large range of Projects to turn your available space into a unique and challenging playground. Hy-land’s biggest Project can accommodate up to 12 children at a time.

Type of Surface: All play equipment must be installed over a impact attenuating surface according to the European Standard EN 1176-1:2008. (e.g. rubber, mulch, sand, grass, gravel rated for a fall height ≥ 1.5 m)

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