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If you want to buy a veranda, one of your choices is between polycarbonate or glass roofing. Polycarbonate is a sturdy, but flexible material, making it perfect for roofing. Nevertheless, polycarbonate is flexible, bendable and light weight, making installing and cleaning it easy. Polycarbonate, in general, is better value for money than glass. Deponti has four types of polycarbonate roofing in its range.

But how do you know what will suit your situation best? Below, you'll find an overview of the differences.

Opaque polycarbonate is a popular choice of roofing.  It is semi-transparent and the sheets have a milky white colour. With opaque roofing, the light is not reduced but diffused. It is more heat resistant than transparent roofing and leaves, sand and dirt are less visible from the inside.

Clear polycarbonate roofing is transparent, making it perfect if you want a lot of light to get through. Some also say that the clear polycarbonate look is more luxurious than opaque sheets. The downside is that clear polycarbonate sheets are not very heat resistant and have a tendency to fog from the inside.

Ultra clear polycarbonate has the same characteristics as clear polycarbonate, however, the ultra clear sheets have a more open texture with wider 'channels'. Because of this, ultra clear offers even more transparency and an even higher light permeability. This type of polycarbonate looks most like glass. The downside, however, is that everything that falls onto the roof, like leaves and dirt, are visible.

Solar control polycarbonate sheets are also opaque sheets, however they have a double extruded layer which protects from infrared solar waves. They provide the right combination between light diffusion and ideal temperature. This right combination keeps light transmission as high as possible while selectively blocking infrared waves from the visible light to get a low solar transmission. The result is having a solar factor as high as possible while the temperature inside is lower.


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