Rowlinson Workshop


Rowlinson Workshop:

Available in 5 different sizes:

9'x6', 9'x9', 9'x12', 9'x15' & 9'x18'

  • 12mm shiplap cladding
  • Double doors for easy access secured with lock and key
  • Tongue and groove floor
  • Solid board roof
  • 4 or 6 styrene glazed side windows depending on size
  • 2 front fixed styrene glazed windows
  • High eaves for extra headroom
  • Manufactured from 29x35 and 29x45mm framing
  • Dipped honey-brown finish
  • Mineral roofing felt

Shed Size:     9'x6'             9'x9'              9'x12'             9'x15'            9'x18'   

(includes roof overhang):

Height:        2350mm       2350mm         2350mm        2350mm        2350mm
Width:         2880mm       2880mm         2880mm        2880mm        2880mm
Depth:        1980mm        2890mm        3790mm         4690mm        5590mm
Height Max:2210mm       2210mm        2210mm         2210mm        2210mm
Height Min: 1800mm       1800mm        1800mm         1800mm        1800mm
Width:         2700mm       2700mm        2700mm         2700mm        2700mm
Depth:        1870mm        2700mm        3670mm        4570mm        5470mm
Width:         2700mm        2700mm        2700mm        2700mm        2700mm
Depth:        1870mm        2770mm         3670mm       4570mm         5470mm
Door Opening:
Height:        1723mm       1723mm         1723mm       1723mm         1723mm
Width:         1628mm        1628mm        1628mm       1628mm         1628mm 

Delivery & Payment: Delivery is inclusive to mainland UK destinations.  Delivery cannot be made to the Highlands & Islands. 

All orders are acknowledged with a receipt of purchase and you will be contacted prior to delivery. All deliveries are to kerbside only.  Any problems 

relating to the product must be reported within 7 days from receipt of delivery. Any claim being made must be supported by your receipt of purchase. Sizes shown are maximum dimensions and should be used for guidance only.

The timber being a natural product can cause splits and cracks due to weather, temperature or humidity. These will not affect the strength or the lifespan of your product.

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