Aragon big Fire cast iron fire basket


It is important you observe the instructions and maintenance recommendations.

Metal fire bowls will rust. How much they rust is dependant on whether they are left outside in all weathers, how much they are used, how they are looked after. All can be re-painted. Rust does not affect use.

Metal fire bowl surfaces can become very hot in use and will burn the skin if touched. Burning temperatures can be very high. We recommend the use of a chimenea guard when small children are present.

  • Cast iron fire basket of traditional study design and look
  • Burn logs or charcoal, as well as all kinds of garden branches, twigs, grass or even personal papers
  • For reliable intensive use.Will not melt down or buckle.

Size (specify): 45cm diameter x 60cm high
Diameter: 45cm
Accessories supplied with the product: Chromed BBQ grill, Tong
Materials: Side panels made of castiron , Base and Legs made of Steel

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