just in: winter flowering camellia 'Yuletide' and yakushimanum rhododendrons

This is a great time of year for planting, and we have  lots of healthy new stock   :  now summer bedding has about finished why not replant with colour for winter such as  trailing pansies , polyanthus,  wallflowers, sweet williams, forget me nots and bellis ( or we have some ready made all year colour hanging baskets), new stock of soft fruit and ornamental trees such as the weeping variegated  leaved double flowering cherry 'Frilly Frock' and  the hard to obtain snake bark maple 'Viper', 9ft.magnolias £69-99 and much more

ALL YEAR FLOWERING PANSIES and VIOLAS  fresh in virtually every week

an unusual range of hellebores including 'Stained Glass' and 'Phoebe' pictured below.


Have you a small garden then we have one of the best tasting apples 'Scrumptious' and its thin skinned. Image below.

In our new stock of English grown fruit trees we have espaliers, family pear and family apple trees with 3 varieties on each tree. Victoria plums on the dwarfing VVA1 root stock plus cherries, damsons, pears etc.




AZALEA 'Hotshot Variegata'

 This dwarf evergreen azalea has glossy green and silver leaves that  turn shades of purple in winter, and produce trusses of funnel shaped single deep pink blooms in late Spring. Borders or containers. Large plants full of flower buds for only £9-99.

After browsing  the garden centre why not enjoy some refreshments from the well recommended coffee shop.

 ..The house plant area includes lots of new flowering and foliage plants and we always have a superb range of cacti..


This is a very special camellia with sumptuous deep crimson flowers with golden stamens from November to January, thus often in flower for Christmas, and providing much needed colour in the darker winter months. Our plants are starting to flower now.

....we have a comprehensive range of English grown fruit trees  for planting now....plums, cherries, damsons, pears,apples etc


 new season stock just in with raspberries, blackberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants, gooseberries, jostaberries, loganberries, tayberries, cranberries, blueberries etc.

Below is an image of the raspberry
‘Ruby Beauty’
The worlds first patio raspberry. Only 3ft The thornless stems require no support.
Excellent also for containers.



including lonicera darts world, halliana, copper beauty {pictured below}, repens and many more. Fast growing, long flowering and many will flourish in any aspect.


   .......HEATHERS for all year colour - looking superb......

many varieties to choose from..small and larger pots of heathers


hardy low growing evergreen plants providing colourful foliage all year. Summer flowering. Adaptable to sun or shade and SLUGPROOF. We have many of the varieties in this image. Look out for the new varieties 'Catching Fire' and 'Hopscotch'.




                Liquidambar styraciflua

Spectacular tree with large maple like leaves that turn rich reds and purples in autumn. Common name of ‘Sweet Gum’  The garden centre also has the variety 'Lane Roberts'




Trees  planted now while the soil is warm will establish a good root system before winter

(click on tree variety to view image)
excellent range including weeping PURPLE BEECH and weeping  DOUBLE PINK  FLOWERING CHERRY, a disease resistant snake bark maple ACER DAVIDII 'Viper' {the bark on our stock must be seen}, BETULA 'Moonbeam' with its pure white peeling bark perfect for the smaller garden, the hard to obtain CERCIS 'Texas White' and the rose pink berried SORBUS 'Eastern Promise'.


 Experienced horticulturalists Philip and Edwina are usually on hand to give guidance on choice of plants if required . If you want quality plants at the right price please give us a try....  we feel sure you will not be disappointed, and why not give our coffee shop a visit with its all new menu this year. The full English breakfast is great value from £3-95 which includes a free tea or coffee and refill, and is served from 8.30, except Sunday when  we open at  10.00.