just in...JAPANESE MAPLES. We have recently put on sale over 40 unusual Japanese Maples from a specialised grower. Must be seen and at varying prices.



all in very healthy condition and full of flower buds including 'For Your Eyes Only' ( see 1st image below) the Rose of the Year for 2015, 'Guy,s Golden50th' (2nd image) with its bright yellow strongly scented flowers very suitable for that special event, and the perfumed orange flowering 'Lady Marmalade' (3rd image) which was awarded Rose of the Year 2014.

also a good range of colourful patio  roses that includes 'Sweet Memories' , 'Diamond Wishes' and 'Carefree Days'.



 if your garden is lacking colour, the garden centre has a new range of hardy plants that will give colour this summer and autumn every year. Many varieties including verbena bonariensis, coreopsis, lavatera 'barnsley baby', lupins, delphiniums, achilleas, foxgloves, heucheras, astilbes, geums, campanulas, leucanthemums, poppies and many rarer varieties.

£3-99 each or 3 for £10 ( all plants in excellent condition)

 .......ALPINES AND HERBS - new stock in regularly...

fresh in this week( many varieties including a fresh crop of basil, french tarragon,dill, oregano, chives, thyme,parsley and garden mint).


this hardy cottage garden plant has long lasting flowers from June to September. Height 3ft. Very attractive to butterflies and bees.  Bushy plants for £5-99.

HEUCHERA COLLECTION (including the dwarf cuties range perfect for alpine troughs, rockeries, pots etc.)

hardy low growing evergreen plants providing colourful foliage all year. Summer flowering. Adaptable to sun or shade and SLUGPROOF. We have many of the varieties in this image


      FRAGRANT BUDDLEIAS ( butterfly bushes)

a range of buddleia varieties now in. Look out for the deep purple 'Black Knight', red flowering 'Royal Red',  golden variegated foliage  'Santana' and  the silver variegated foliage 'Harlequin' 
Bushy plants for only £6-99, will give lots of colour this summer.



                JULY TREE OF THE MONTH

                Malus 'Dr Campbells'

this lovely small crab apple tree has dark pink spring blossom with beautiful bronze tinted green foliage. Exceptionally large deep red purple fruit. ideal for cooking, producing sumptuously deep coloured jellies.


RAYMOND EVISON SUMMER LONG FLOWERING CLEMATIS including one of the best red flowering varieties 'Rebecca' and in bloom most of the summer and autumn. In full flower now, the colour must be seen!

ORNAMENTAL TREES for summer planting. 

(click on tree variety to view image)
a range for this Summer including the double flowering weeping cherry PRUNUS KIKU SHIDARE ZAKURA for small gardens and containers. Also in this new selection is a small crab apple MALUS 'Dr Campbells' with deep pink flowers and  large red/purple  fruit that makes excellent jelly, a pure white silver birch SNOW QUEEN and two acers CRIMSON KING with deep crimson purple foliage and DRUMMONDII with striking cream and green foliage. Have you seen the new compact laburnum ANAGYROIDES 'Erect'.


 Experienced horticulturalists Philip and Edwina are usually on hand to give guidance on choice of plants if required . If you want quality plants at the right price please give us a try....  we feel sure you will not be disappointed, and why not give our coffee shop a visit with its all new menu this year. The full English breakfast is great value from £3-95 which includes a free tea or coffee and refill, and is served from 8.30, except Sunday when  opens at  10.00.