Long Reach hedge cutter - 2 stroke petrol (prices include vat)


Our long reach hedge trimmers are ideal for professional gardeners and groundskeepers, allowing you to trim hedges to an accurate and precise finish. These petrol powered hedge trimmers have all of the power needed for completing large-scale professional jobs, and the trimmers tough blades will efficiently cut through the branches of all kinds of thick hedges, so you can complete jobs much more quickly and easily. 

Using our long reach trimmers you can cut large hedges much more safely than using many other kinds of trimmer, because there is no need to hang from a ladder to reach the tops of hedges, as these trimmers can extend to up to 3m long. Weighing just 5.9kg, these hedge trimmers are very light-weight, so you can control them much more comfortably and use them for longer periods without becoming tired and the quality of your work suffering. The long reach hedge trimmers also have an adjustable head, which can be angled to suit your needs

A deposit of £100.00 is required to hire this machine to cover the cost of any repairs if the unit is returned damaged in any way.A £10.00 charge will also be levied if the unit is returned in a dirty condition.Proof of identity is required and a utility bill with the same details.

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